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How Much Will My Havasu Home Payment Be?

The best person to answer "How Much Will My Havasu Home Payment Be?"
is your lender?
You should know the following items are generally in a House payment.
Principle of the loan, Interest on the loan, Mortgage insurance, Homeowners Insurance, property taxes, and flood insurance if applicable.
Did you know your payment from one home to the next can be different even though the price is the same?
What this means is the payment depends on the property you buy, the loan you get and from where.
Many think the difference is the lender, and it can be.
Other items to make the payment different is the "type of the loan", property taxes, and Homeowners Insurance.
When you go to see homes it is
important to know how much you are pre qualified for before seeing homes.

Understanding that there are more than one loan type, it is wise to get qualified for as many loan types as possible, with your lender, the day you start your home buying process.

A good lender can give you a round about estimate of what your payment will be when you get pre approved. That amount can change, as loan rates change daily up until you choose a home and are under contract. You may also want to inquire with your lender about a loan lock to lock in your rate and payment at around the time of getting your new home into escrow. Lenders need a phsical address of a home to do a loan lock. again speak with your lender regarding your home.

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