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How to Use the MLS like a Havasu Realtor

First you need MLS access from a Realtor to use the MLS.
initially when you sign up, a realtor will have to hand input the info to the MLS to get you a live feed sent to your email. If you get anything when you first sign up within seconds it is not straight from the MLS. Info not from the MLS Realtors use is days or weeks old.
When it comes to getting a home you need to be the first to go see the home and make an offer. Time is of the essence. You need a good feed from the MLS and a great agent who can show you the home fast. If an agent ever suggest you make an offer to purchase a home without seeing it, sight unseen,... if you feel it is insane, It probably is,... dont ever do it. There is more than one way to buy a home. While here at Lake Havasu Homes we have them all covered we dont believe in having someone buy a home they have not seen. Please understand there are other ways and many other agents dont do them and may not know how to do so.
Work with an agent who will take the time to help you do it right.
An intelligent seller would never sell to someone who had not seen the property either. The odds of a buyer backing out are far too high.
Fill out the form below to get set up on the MLS data feed and have up to the minute info by clicking a link in your email that is updated up to the minute at all times. Please allow some time for the MLS to update to get your first email. After that the info is up to the minute. When you are ready to go see Havasu Homes for sale, Let me know.

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